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PLANALOGIC analyses available space within the (un)built environment and calculates the optimised configuration and maximum potential.
A series of algorithms crunch data from an ex-ante given set of input variables (with maxima and minima) and calculate millions of options per hour. This allows it to take into account multiple scenarios over the lifecycle of a building and find the optimal solution.
PLANALOGIC delivers these solutions in the form of 2D and 3D drawing files and spreadsheet data.
Calculate maximum potential
“The high hidden cost of inconsistent decision making”
Design of the (un)built environment is a laborious and mostly manual process. The outcome is a mix of pragmatism, creativity, experience, personality and may differ from designer to designer. This chance variability of judgement is called noise.
Noise is often insidious: It causes even successful companies to lose substantial amounts of money without realising it. 
On top of that, humans are unreliable decision makers; their judgements are strongly influenced by irrelevant factors. This makes the decision making process inconsistent and results in (hidden) costs.
PLANALOGIC uses a series of algorithms to remediate noise, delivering hard data, over and over again. This significantly improves the quality of your decisions.
* Noise: How to Overcome the High, Hidden Cost of Inconsistent Decision Making – Harvard Business Review, 10/2016.
But most of all, showing results takes time. The linear relationship between output and resources puts a hefty price tag on variations. Investigating multiple scenarios requires more time and, as a result, costs more money. Two items that are mostly non-present at the initial stage of a real estate project.
The initial stage of a real estate investment project is crucial. In a short period of time it needs to be assessed whether a project is feasible or not. It is key to get numbers and measurements right so by default hand sketches are not accurate enough. Building or converting or refurbishing real estate takes time and conditions may change during this period. Calculating scenarios over the lifecycle of a building is crucial for creating sustainable real estate. The current (manual) design process does not allow for these scenarios to be tested.
“Maximum insight within a seriously short timeframe”