A new approach to
sustainable and
affordable buildings.

What We Do

We are not an architect or engineer. Neither are we a design studio nor a real estate agency.

It’s something different. We’re a design and decision making platform.
We use the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide you with thousands of scenarios, based on hard data and within a seriously short timeframe. 

That’s why our approach works like no other to build sustainable and affordable buildings that change everything. We deliver design-based insights that support acquistion decisions, feasibility studies, scenario analysis and stakeholder alignment.

Are you an investor, a real estate developer, municipality or  housing corporation? Contact us to see how we can help you  achieve your goals.

How we provided
Bouwfonds (BPD)
with AI insights.

Case Study

The realisation of the new homes of Villapark Facet in the sustainable residential area Kortenoord in Wageningen sets the tone for future housing designs. The design was made with the help of Planalogic’s artificial intelligence. Various parameters (variable, measurable properties) were brought together in software, resulting in a multitude of optimal housing designs, each with a balanced design. Planalogic’s use of artificial intelligence speeds up the design process and reduces the use of materials. In Villapark Facet, this is reflected in the most square house possible, which requires 12 to 16% less material. It also results in generous floor plans and a striking room width of 9 metres. The square design means that residents have a great deal of freedom and opportunity in the further design of their homes.


The ecosystem
that builds
a better future.

Our clients believe in innovation and technology as tools to improve the future. We help them achieve these goals.

What we deliver


Taking investment decisions based on a couple of sketches or designs is the current way of working in real estate development and investment.

But that means you are either lucky, or you are wrong.  

No more analyses and estimates based on index figures.
Planalogic calculates millions of versions so that our clients get insight into the maximum potential of their real estate. Based on hard data, delivered within a seriously short timeframe.

data anlytics
Data Analytics

.Test ideas, plots against the maximum potential.

Compare current designs to Planalogic benchmark data based on millions of proprietary designs.

fast feasible 2
Fast Feasibility Studies

Fast and intuitive tooling to analyse plots on a variety of metrics and variables.

Making better informed decisions under highly uncertain conditions.

Scenario testing
Scenario Testing

Create optionality by simulating multiple scenarios.

Test sensitivity of design studies to financial risks, market pivots or programmatic changes.

fast feasibile
Comprehensive Schematic Design

Evaluate scenarios across a multitude of variables.

Find synergies across affordability, sustainability and more.

How We Do It


Input. Give us an address, your brief, and the calculation of your real estate operation and our Artificial Intelligence is ready to start calculating millions of options for you.

PLANALOGIC introduces not only the application of Artificial Intelligence but also a new way of working. This makes it possible to better understand the complex issues we face. 

Instead of seeing variables as discrete items, like the current method of design and engineering does, PLANALOGIC uses them in synergy. 

Our unique algorithms take all these variables into account at the same time, based on continuous feedback loops. 

Calculating millions of variations also means there is not just one solution, but a multitude. This allows our clients to choose their optimal scenario.

Why our clients use PLANALOGIC

Designing sustainable and affordable
cities and buildings by
using Artificial Intelligence.

In the 2020s, affordability, energy efficiency, and sustainability are no longer discrete terms.

There is too much complexity in their interaction to be solved by the current method of design. 

We strongly believe that by utilising the superior computing and evaluating skills of artificial intelligence,  we can give insight into the complex interaction of sustainable development and affordability.


Calculate millions of options and see which ones work and which ones don’t.


Connect disciplines and calculate multiple goals simultaneously, like building cost, design, energy needs.


Identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on data generated by our own algorithms. 


Shorten process time by 85%. Project lead time of days or weeks instead of months.

About Us


PLANALOGIC’s team has international experience in complex high-profile architectural projects (e.g. the Beijing Olympic Stadium), managing large numbers of stakeholders, and with complying construction innovations to building regulation as a first mover in the market (with Europe’s first commercially 3D concrete printed building with a building permit). Having worked for the ‘big four’ consultancy firms, the team managed complicated, interwoven, large scale multi-million Euro IT and business development projects within strict auditing and compliance environments.

PLANALOGIC is fully independent and thereby not affiliated to any real estate or built environment company. This allows us freedom of operation and guards the safety of your confidential company data.PLANALOGIC

Planalogic is the winner of the Vastgoedmarkt Innovation Award 2021 powered by ING.
The jury: “Planalogic realises real innovation, scalable inside and outside the Dutch real estate market. This makes it possible to concretise ESG objectives and achieve climate goals in a targeted way”.

PLANALOGIC is proud to be selected as Finalist,  by the European PropTech Association – PropTech House and FINNOVA (EU) Foundation,  of the PropTech Startup and Scale-up Europe Awards 2021.

These Awards are supported by the European Commission, the President of the European Parliament, the President of the European Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and members of the European Parliament.




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